Works Shortcodes

Related Works



[related_works max=”2″ template=”one_half_gallery” effect=”none” hide=”summary,categories,tags,button_1″]



Use Different Templates

Choose from many different templates (regular grid, gallery and masonry style) prepared to show your portflio in a creative way.

Show/Hide Collection Elements

You can control visibility of each single element:

[list type=”icon” icon=”plus”]

  1. Featured Media
  2. Title
  3. Date
  4. Comments Link
  5. Summary
  6. Categories
  7. Tags
  8. Button




Use Custom Style – Popular Works


For each work collection you can apply beatiful grayscale filter.



[popular_works max=”3″ template=”one_third” effect=”grayscale” hide=”title,date,comments_link,summary,categories,tags,button_1″]



Recent Works (Gallery Style)

[recent_works max=”3″ template=”one_third_gallery” effect=”none” hide=”date,comments_link,summary,categories,tags,button_1″]


Custom Works

[custom_works entry_ids=”262,261,259,258″ template=”one_fourth” effect=”none” hide=”tags,categories”]